Actress & Writer


Mirra Kardonne is a Toronto born actor living and performing in New York City. A dual citizen and graduate of the Stella Adler Acting Studio and the University of Toronto, trained in comedy and improv, and an alumna of Toronto's b Current's rAiZ'n in the Sun Ensemble, the Toronto Fringe Festival, Barrow Group, and a former Bat at the Flea Theatre in NYC.

Mirra is the writer/director of Stephie With A Why, a web series made in quarantine in which she plays the titular role. SWAW is a Semi-Finalist in the San Fransisco Indie Shorts Festival, the recipient of an Honorable Mention from the Independent Shorts Awards and a nominee for best web series in the Indie X Film Fest, as well as having been included in the official selection for over 10 festivals worldwide. Mirra currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.


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